Join Us for Chili Cookoff Weekend at Fox Hill RV Resort: A Hearty Celebration of Chili! Are you a chili connoisseur? Do you have a secret family recipe that’s been passed down through generations? If so, we invite you to participate in our Chili Cookoff Weekend at Fox Hill RV Resort. Sign up at the office, bring your favorite chili recipe, and get ready for a day of flavorful competition, camaraderie, and mouthwatering chili. A Weekend of Culinary Delights At Fox Hill RV Resort, we believe that good food and good company go hand in hand. Our Chili Cookoff Weekend is a celebration of homemade chili, fall weather, and the joy of sharing a delicious meal with fellow campers. The Chili Showdown On Saturday, all participating campers will gather at The Fox Den, our delightful entertainment building. It’s here that we’ll embark on a chili taste-testing adventure like no other. Sample each other’s chili creations, enjoy the diverse flavors, and savor the culinary expertise that our community has to offer. A Buy-In Chili Cookoff with Prizes Our Chili Cookoff is not just about friendly competition; it’s about recognizing and celebrating the best chili in the campground. It’s a buy-in cookoff, and there are exciting prizes for the winners. Whether your chili is a spicy sensation, a savory masterpiece, or a unique family tradition, it’s your chance to shine. Fall Weather and Flavorful Fun As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, our Chili Cookoff Weekend offers the perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of the fall season. The aroma of simmering chili, the warmth of the campfire, and the laughter of friends create a memorable experience. Join the Chili Community We invite you to join us at Fox Hill RV Resort for a weekend of culinary excitement and friendly competition. Share your love of chili, discover new recipes, and enjoy the company of fellow chili enthusiasts. Mark Your Calendar Mark your calendar and prepare for a weekend filled with chili, camaraderie, and the joy of shared meals. Fox Hill RV Resort is excited to host a Chili Cookoff Weekend that’s all about savoring flavors and creating unforgettable memories. We look forward to seeing you there!

When & Where

September 26, 2024 (2:00 pm) – September 29, 2024 (12:00 pm)

E11371 North Reedsburg Road

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