Thank you for taking the time to read our Rules and Regulations before making a reservation. By clicking the button at the bottom of this page, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions.

Welcome to Fox Hill Rv Resort and Campground. We are a privately owned and family friendly campground. The campground is open to registered campers and their visitors only. We have created the following rules and regulations to provide a safe and relaxing camping experience for you and your family. By making a reservation at Fox Hill Rv Resort and Campground, you and your guests/visitors agree to abide by the rules and regulations in addition to all local, state, and federal laws. The registered person is responsible for the actions of all persons at the site, the following rules and guidelines WILL BE ENFORCED throughout your stay.

  1. All parties are held responsible for theft and/or damage to sites, rentals, activity rentals, & campground property. We reserve the right to print and/or publish photos taken by our staff. We cannot control the weather, NO REFUNDS FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER OR EARLY DEPARTURES. Scheduled check-in is considered to be 2:00 pm of the scheduled arrival date. (Early Check-In is fine if site is ready and vacant. $5 Charge for early Check-in). Absolutely NO Check-INS are allowed before NOON (12) on Check-In day. Check-Out: Cabins 11AM, Sites 12 NOON, All guests must be out by 11 am (Cabins) 12 pm (Sites), unless you have previously talked to the office and paid for a late check out. Check Out time is the time that you will have to depart from the campground to make room for the next set of guests. If you would like to stay later and swim or hang out at the campground there will be a Late Check out fee applied to your bill.

Deluxe/Premium Cabins: Cabins have a small cottage style water heater. Please conserve the use of the hot water as much as possible.


NOT INCLUDED: Plates, silverware (Some basic sets are in cabins), pool towels, shower towels and linens.
Sorry, pets are not permitted in, on or at cabins and the cabins are Non Smoking.

More cabin information is on our website at:

2. Please contact us if you plan on checking in after 9PM. If the office is closed Check-In information will be outside the office door. Office Hours are subject to change. Friday-Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM in main season. All other days are 9 AM-5 PM! Off Season hours are subject to change.

3. Quiet Hours: Please be considerate of others. Quiet hours are 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. After 11:00 PM, stereos, radios and TV’s must be turned off and conversation contained within your campsite. Children should be supervised after dark. The campground has the discretion to remove anyone without a refund for disruptive behavior.

4. To rent a campsite, or cabin you MUST be 21 years of age. All sites should be left clean and undamaged. You will be subject to a $25 minimum fee if not left in a suitable condition assessed at check out inspection. All rentals should be left clean and undamaged. You will be subject to a $50 minimum fee if not left in a suitable condition assessed at check out inspection.

5. Camping Etiquette: Please do not walk through sites, stay on the roads. Be considerate of others. We have a ZERO Tolerance for fast drivers. Speed limit within the campground is 5 MPH and if told more than once can be subject to eviction. The Driveway into the campground is still campground property and is a 5 MPH Speed Limit. Speed bumps are throughout the campground and should be used as a stop and roll style speed bump.

6. We love pets at Fox Hill Rv Resort and Campground and have a few policies to make camping with your pet enjoyable for all. Pets must be kept on leashes and under control of the owner. They are not to be left unattended at any time. We ask that you clean up after your pet (doggie stations are available in several areas throughout the campground). In consideration of our other guests we will not allow constant barking. If you are unable to control your pets you may be asked to make other arrangements for them. Pets are allowed at the RV sites, and tent sites. They are not allowed in our around the cabins or any other building on property.

7. Smoking and vaping are not allowed in the cabins, bathhouses, laundromats, pools or other buildings. The use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs on the campground property will not be tolerated. Feels will apply if smoking has happened in the cabins.

8. Speed limit is 5 MPH. Fireworks, go-carts, ATV/UTV, minibikes, electric/gas scooters and other like items and drones/remote controlled aircraft are prohibited. We do not allow pools of any size or slip n slides (or other water features with a constant flow of water) on sites.

Fireworks: Are illegal in Wisconsin and subject to a $500 fine and eviction. Also, Chinese lanterns, roman candles and sparklers are not permitted.

No Pools Or Hot Tubs Allowed on Fox Hill Of Wisconsin Dells LLC Property.


10. Firewood: Firewood from outside the campground is permitted if it is certified and bought within 10 miles of the campground. These rules are strictly prohibited to limit the spread or introduction of invasive insects and diseases. Firewood is available at the camp office. Wood (dead or alive) may not be cut down, trimmed or taken from the woods. Also, do not move the fire ring provided on your site. Campers bringing in Non inspected wood will have to discard firewood off site, and be subject to a fine. Check with DNR on the Firewood Movement Ban In Wisconsin.

Campfires: Fires must be kept inside of the fire ring and attended at all times. DO NOT move the fire rings, fire rings found to be moved are subject to a burn fee of $75.

11. Visitors: Visitors are welcome but, for the safety of our guests they must register in the office upon arrival and should leave the campground by 10:00 p.m. Visitor passes daily are $10.00/person and nightly is $15.00/person. Visitors should not bring pets. Overflow parking is available. All Campsites come with 4 Guests and 1 vehicle. If you have more than 4 guests ( Up-TO 6 allowed per site based on state laws. ) The Original reservation guest must pay to have the extra guests and vehicles registered at the main office. Any vehicle without a parking pass is considered not a guest and must vacate the premises or come to the main office for a parking pass.

12. Extra tents: We don’t allow any tents at cabin sites, certain sites may have an extra tent but must be paid for at the main office and all guests are required to ask if their site allows extra tents. ($20/day)

13. Garbage/Recycling: Please put garbage in the dumpster before leaving. Black and gray water can only be dumped at the dump station. We also have a recycling dumpster located next to the bath house. We don’t allow any large pieces of garbage and/or large metal items. Recycling: No garbage bags allowed!

14. When booking a site with us at Fox Hill and signing the check-In paper you or anyone in your party that signed the paper is agreeing to all the rules and regulations that Fox Hill Campground of Wisconsin dells LLC has set in place. Once checked in to our property you have aggreed to the policys at hand and automatically signed the check-in paper virtually.  You also agree to have your credit card charged if any of these rules are violated, and if we need to add any of the extra adders and fees.

Liability: Campers and their visitors will not hold Fox Hill Campground of Wisconsin Dells LLC, responsible for any loss of personal property or injury.

Violations: Owners at Fox Hill Campground May evict any guest with Zero refund if Any of the Rules are violated.

15. Property: Owners at Fox Hill Rv Resort and Campground ( Fox Hill Campground Of Wisconsin Dells LLC ) reserves the right to charge your credit card if any property is damaged. We also have the right to charge your card if any of the policys or rules are broked where fees or charges may apply. A cleaning fee will be charged to the card on file of the registered guest if property is left disorderly upon check- out from Fox Hill.

5.5% Sales tax will be applied to all rates. We also have a non-cash fee applied to all Credit card transactions.

Additional Information:

Playground: Opens at 7 AM and closes at dusk. Parents are responsible for watching their kids and making sure this rule is followed.

Pool/ Swimming Ponds: Hours are 10 AM to dusk Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Children under 18 need to have adult supervision, no lifeguard is on duty. NO GLASS allowed in the pool area and pond area, no large inflatables in the pool area. Swim at your own risk, all kids need to be accompanied by an adult at a certain age, life vests are free to use and recommended.

Pets: Are welcome, except in camp buildings, and the pool/swimming pond areas. Pets are not allowed IN, ON, or AT cabin sites. Pets required to have ID and vaccination tags. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and picked up after. Nuisance animals left unattended will be removed by the local animal shelter at the owner’s expense. If you plan to bring a pet, please check our website for full details on our pet policy. Pets are allowed at THE FOX DEN, they must be leashed and well behaved. Pet washing stations need to be cleaned up after use. All pets at the Dog Pond must be monitored and well behaved pets to use amenity.

Boats: If you have a boat you must register it at the main office and let us know at the time of booking that you have one. ( $10  )

Woven RV Mats: Mats are acceptable. Please do not use indoor/outdoor carpet since it will kill the grass. We do not allow mats to be down for more than 2 days at a time. Please be respectful of this rule. Mats must be breathable!

Motorcycles: Are permitted and must be operated in a quiet and acceptable manner. Atv/Golf Carts: We do not allow any Atvs/Utvs/Golf Carts/mini bikes etc. to be driven on property. All of these must be taken off property if you want to use them.

Photographs: Entrance to the campground constitutes permission for Fox Hill to photograph visitors and use resulting pictures for promotional purposes without payment to the visitor.

Picnic Tables: If you move a picnic table, please return it to its appropriate site before leaving. Every site has one picnic table.

Path to the Golf Course: For golf course patrons only. For your safety, please do not walk or bike on the golf course.
Pedal Carts/Office Check-Out Items: Any guests that check out the pedal carts will not hold Fox Hill Campground liable for hurting themself while on any pedal carts. Any guests that Check-Out items from the office or play with any playground equipment are subject to a fine if they ruin/ destroy or steal any items.

Any and all activities offered at Fox Hill: All guests are responsible for Saftey on/during any activity at Fox Hill. Fox Hill is not responsible for any injury during any activities at Fox Hill.


Fox Hill is PET-FRIENDLY and we welcome campers who travel and share camping with their family pet. To ensure all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, it is important that you abide by the following PET POLICY:

1. When you check-in, please let us know if you have brought any pets camping with you. Please be prepared to show proof of valid rabies vaccination certificate or tags dated for the current year.

2. Pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet at all times (except when they are inside our pet play area).

3. Pet droppings are the responsibility of the pet owner. Please clean up after and dispose of pet waste in the campground dumpsters or provided pet waste containers.

4. Pets should not be left unattended at a campsite. If your pet creates a disturbance or is a nuisance to other campers, you may be asked to leave the campground. Vicious dogs must be removed from the campground by the owner or animal control. In extreme cases, a pet may be removed by the Sauk County Animal Control at the owner’s expense.

5. Per State Health Guidelines, pets are not permitted in the following campground locations: camp buildings including the office/store, restrooms, cabins, playground, swimming pond or inside the swimming pool fence. Pets are not permitted inside cabins or allowed to be kept on or at a cabin site.

6. Visitors of Fox Hill guests should not bring pets into the campground.

7. One family of pets should play at a time in the pet play areas.

8. Any animal attack or bite will be reported to the Animal Control Office and/or the Sauk County Sheriff. The pet’s owner is responsible for any expenses and liability related to a pet attack.

9. Pets are not allowed in or around the swimming pond area.

10. Pets need to be well behaved and monitored to use the dog pond. 

11. Pet washing stations are to be cleaned up after use, pets must be leashed during cleaning and use.

12. Pets can use the inside of THE FOX DEN, they must be leashed and well behaved dogs to be inside the building.

We hope you and your pet have wonderful time at Fox Hill RV Park & Campground. We encourage you to take advantage of the fenced in pet play area located near the entrance of the campground.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Rules and Regulations before making a reservation. By clicking the book now button on any of our pages and reserving a site or cabin, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions.    


Before Booking please not the following as very important to your booking and reservation.

Payment Policy: A payment of 100% of the reservation fee is required at time of booking. Advanced payments made over the internet are always paid by credit card. By providing a credit card number, you are authorizing Campspot and their credit processing company to bill your credit card for the full amount of reservation, including any costs accrued while at the property, and outstanding balances not paid at time of departure. Providing your credit card means that you have acknowledge our cancellation policy and give up any right to fight the cancellation policy.

All guests are responsible for knowing the current cancellation policy. Fox Hill Campground reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE. A Camping Credit will be issued and valid for the current year of the reservation. No camping credit or refunds if canceled within 14 days of camping arrival date. Confirmations are emailed and verification of camping dates are the responsibility of the campers. Providing your credit card means that you have acknowledged our cancellation policy and give up any right to fight the cancellation policy.

Reservation’s Are NON-Refundable

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in your immediate removal from the property without any refunds. We reserve the right to evict you/your guests/and visitors from the campground, without a refund, anyone violating park rules, destroying property, wildlife or vegetation, detrimental conduct or creating a disturbance.

We reserve the right to seek arrest of anyone who is in violation of any local, state, and federal laws. We reserve the right to amend, add, interpret, adjust, make, and enforce rules deemed necessary for operations for the safety, convenience, comfort, and enjoyment of its guests at any time. NO REFUNDS will be granted if you are asked to leave.

All facilities are used at your own risk. The owners and staff are NOT liable for loss or damage of personal property or injuries to any occupant of any age or damage to any vehicle or personal equipment.